Windows 7 Migration Guide

In spite of there are many reasons for considering migration to Windows 7, also there are many reasons for not to consider migration. Let’s take a look at these reasons.

After the release of Windows 7 RTM edition, news and articles started to spread. The new operating system expected to have better market share than Windows Vista and also Microsoft have faith in Windows 7 more than Vista. Majority of users also thinks that Windows 7 will be better than Vista. Windows 7 has a similar user interface design when compared to Windows Vista, but, has much more features 🙂

According to this information, is it right choice to migrate to Windows 7 for any Windows or other platform user ? Both yes and no. The answer you’re looking for is changing according to your usage purposes and many other reasons, so your decision may change.


Windows 7 comes with really charming features. One of them is, bundled ISO to CD burner, from now on you will be able to write CD’s from ISO images in Windows 7 without any 3th party software. Also we believe that saying Windows 7 will show better performance than Windows XP and Vista wouldn’t be wrong.

Especially a Windows 7 with right memory management settings will show much better performance than Vista and XP. We’re talking about a operating system which boots in less than 1 minute. At this point, bad features about Windows 7 slowly appears.


For example, if we want to edit a video, we see that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t come with Windows 7. Windows Movie Maker appears as a part of Microsoft Live and it’s still beta edition. Facing that truth has made us sad in fact.

If you still want to install Windows Movie Maker without using Microsoft Live, you can still download it from Microsoft’s web site.


If you do your job on computer and if you switch between them, that’s generally brings a confusing computer along with. Windows 7 has comfortable features about file changes.

The library which is like Vista’s documents will be one of the most useful feature on Windows 7. Also there are features which provides preview for switching between open applications . So we may say that it’s a upgraded version of the system which has been in Vista before.

The preview feature also works when we move mouse over to application or file on taskbar. But, differently from Vista, it is more advanced. Windows 7 also comes with a pretty advanced file and directory search feature, it brings suggestion feature and shows results while you’re typing on search box. Also you’re able to preview directories on search results without opening them.


One of the most important complain about Windows Vista was it’s editions. There are many editions of Vista and users has to make detailed research to decide on which edition to buy because many features changing between editions. Choosing which Windows 7 edition to buy will be more easier (still not that easy) than Vista. For netbooks, there is a Starter Edition, also for home users two Home Edition (Home Basic and Home Premium) and for professionals Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Edition. There are no big differences between editions as in Windows Vista.


As you read this article, you may figure out something about Windows 7. As there are many reasons to migrate to Windows 7, there are also other many reasons to not considering migration. If you think about performance, Windows 7 will not disappoint you but also won’t boost your computer too. We recommend you to download RTM edition and check it on a non-production, backed up computer and decide after!

Hint: You can use Google Desktop if you want file and directory search feature on your present system.

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