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Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital Conference a year ago today, Julie Larson-Green time given to former Walt Mossberg to Windows 7 multi-touch capabilities, Windows Touch brand. Although they have been working to restore the interface natural user a lot of Microsoft products, which introduced the Microsoft Surface multi-ex.

Otherwise, the surface of Windows developers and machines have been working hard to recover multi-touch windows, and last year a series of demonstrations of applications designed to run on Windows 7. Today, the idea is appropriate at this “anniversary” of the talk about Windows Touch former to enter the Microsoft Touch Pack for MS Windows 7.

While touch is integrated into the “DNA” of Windows seven, which is spoken in the Windows column blog touch seven in the E7 blog, the idea that it would be fun to give a number of applications shown what is possible with the distance to the novel interact with your PC. The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows Seven is a set of six applications optimized for multi-touch and style toys that are genuinely appear Windows Touch capabilities in Windows 7. consists of three toys occasionally, and three Microsoft Surface applications that have been designed for Windows 7.

To consume the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows Seven – you need a Windows PC with seven multi-touch support. The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows seven will be available to PC manufacturers (OEM) that will have the option to pre-installation of a number, any or all persons available on the Microsoft Windows suite of applications for seven PC Touch style Windows Touch (the team greet the Windows logo requirements Touch) – so it must turn to see these applications to appear in a contact number for PC at the time Windows 7 is widely available. After the general availability of Windows seven, let’s see what the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows seven including many widely available based on feedback from customers and partners.

The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows Seven is a great example of immersive experiences developers can design software for Windows seven multi-touch. We thought that it would be a good time to share what a series that the team has been working on – and give civilians a suggestion of what is possible – and trust to perpetuate this conversation as the solution evolves touch.Know more about Micro Software,visit

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