Windows 7 Phone Systems released

Microsoft clearly appear the most recent acute buzz operating system, Windows Buzz 7, and shows ten models with Windows Buzz 7 acute phone, the aboriginal Windows Buzz 7 buzz from HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell and Dell 6400 batteries and added brands like Sony VGP-BPS8 array, a absolute of 10 altered types of products, including nine as aboriginal as Oct. 21 listing.

Windows Buzz 7 including interpersonal, pictures, games, music and video, appointment and abundance content, but additionally integrates abounding accepted Microsoft chump casework such as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing, and Zune. All Windows Buzz 7 phones will use Qualcomm (Qualcomm), high-performance Snapdragon processor.

Microsoft CEO Steve – Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), said: “We aboriginal alien a able Windows Buzz 7 buzz line. Microsoft and its ally accept brought a absolutely altered buzz and experience, it can beneath accomplish to do added and be able to facilitate users in one bang you can bound accept the abutting footfall afterwards the commitment of appropriate information, appropriately dispatch up the accepted processing speed. ”

Windows Buzz 7 is additionally the aboriginal buzz to accommodate Zune music experience, users can comedy their music accumulating to abutment wireless synchronization of computer music amateur or from Windows Marketplace download or online get pleasure the fresh Dell Studio XPS 13 array tracks. Zune Pass subscribers can accept from.

In the game, in accession to the bold appear beforehand this year, EA appear today that the aboriginal EA bold will be landing this fall, Windows Buzz 7. And all for Windows Buzz 7 of the EA amateur accordant with Xbox LIVE, including “Need for Speed: Undercover”, “Tetris” and “The Sims 3.”

In addition, Windows Live the fresh “find my phone” (Find My Phone) chargeless account alarm and lock the buzz remotely, eliminating adaptable agreeable and displayed on the map buzz location.

Slightly Unfortunately, Windows Buzz 7 archetype and adhesive functions, Microsoft said to delay until aboriginal 2011, can provide.

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