Windows 7 Refuses To Shut Down, Restart

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No, not that shut down! The one where you power off, or restart your PC. Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7 as planned on January 14, but it appears that the OS is in mood for a fight.

Bugs of unknown origins have been hitting the operating system lately.

A wallpaper bug was hot news towards the end of last month, which led the company to confirm the rollout of one last software update to fix the issue. Well, it looks like Microsoft may have to account for another one alongside.

There have been multiple reports this week of an unidentifiable bug that is preventing users to shut down or reboot their systems.

Windows 7 displays a popup that says “You don’t have permission to shut down this computer”.

The software titan has not yet commented on the situation, leaving users to search for manual fixes. A couple of which have been made available. One being a temporary solution, while the other one a more technical approach towards fixing this big problem.

If you would like to try out the temporary fix, then simply follow these steps below:

  1. Create another administrator account, and log into it.
  2. Log back into the default administrator account again.
  3. Shut down or restart as usual.

Easy as easy does it!

For a more technical workaround, an IT support company going by the name of Quick Heal has announced another option for users suffering from this issue on their Windows 7 systems. This one may be worth a try if you are not satisfied with the temporary solution.

And if it’s a more permanent solution you seek, then chances are that Microsoft will look at the bug and push out a system level fix for all users soon.

After all, some 200 million users still continue to rock this popular version of Windows, even after its end of support.

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