Windows 7 Screenshots released

The Windows 7 are an operating system, which is to be released in future dating the year 2010. The windows 7 are the new version for the computer operating system. The code name for the windows 7 operating system is Black comb and later it is changed to windows Vienna. When the operating system is to be released, the name may change due to the conditions of the Microsoft Company. The windows vista operating system had lead to a failure and a drawback to the Microsoft Company, so many people declared that the windows vista is the last operating system released by the Microsoft Company. The windows vista operating system had several problems, while running the software. To overcome the windows vista operating system the new version of windows 7 is to be released after the vista by the year 2010. The windows 7 operating system will have the new version of windows explorer with future technologies for the applications like memory management, software management, process management, and networking proces.

The release of the new version Windows 7 Operating System is kept as a secret by the Microsoft systems. But a little information was released regarding to the windows 7 operating system. The windows 7 operating system will make easier in using the software applications. The internet searching functions will have speed coverage, while browsing. The application provisioning of automation and transparency of the crossed data application will be added with future technologies.

The screenshots or themes that are used in the Windows 7 i.e. windows Vienna operating system seems to be good looking. The graphic settings of the desktop seem to be very beautiful and attractive. All the icons will be in floating mode in the display of one desktop theme. The start button will be at the left side corner of the desktop and above that we have all programs icon with a image like a book in which we have accessories, software’s, games and etc. At the center of the desktop, we have all the icons in a rotate type of floating mode, all with the picturized icons representing the particular things. The screenshots or themes are attached with a pretty image as a background. The screenshots or themes that are been used in the windows 7 Operating System or windows Vienna operating system is quite beautiful and colorful to see.

The video demo for the operating system windows 7 or windows Vienna, has the following application of the windows explorer of the operating system Windows 7 or windows Vienna is improving the technologies with the keyboard shortcuts that are been very familiar to be changed often to be used, the screen and capture settings are user defined to be handled. The videos of the Windows 7 Operating System have new features with perfect clips for clean usage and handling.

Later the future windows 7 operating system will make a role in user management and computing process. This also includes the security and protection of data.For more information,visit

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