Windows 7 Still Not Showing Any Signs Of Slowing Down

Turn back the clocks to a blustery day in 2009 when Windows 7 was launched with much fanfare, but little did Microsoft know that their hit operating system would still be running strong six years later.

Six years, and more or less two operating systems between.

While technically Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are two sides of the same coin, thing is that Windows 10 is almost out of the gates now, with the software titan having finalized a bulk of the feature set of its upcoming operating system.

But despite that, the successor to Windows Vista just keeps on adding more users with each passing month, and this time is no different.

Which basically means it might be somewhat hard to get these users off of Windows 7 — provided there is even a couple of things they do not like about Windows 10 when it launches later this year. Case in point, Windows 8 which was a really refined OS, simply let down by a few design choices.

Regardless, as these newest bits of data from StatCounter indicate, the world’s most popular operating system, Windows 7, is currently powering some 54.07% of PCs across the globe.

StatCounter OS May 2015

Essentially one in every two PCs is powered by Windows 7.

What’s even more impressive (and intimidating) is that Windows 7 has steadily improved its market share in 2015. Aided no doubt by the retirement of Windows XP last year, and the general discontent shown by some users regarding Windows 8.

When will this end?

That be the big question.

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