Windows 7 Upgrade Experience

It is now about a week ago that I upgraded my main computer to Windows 7 by doing a clean installation of the operating system. Windows 7 is the new Microsoft Operating System that is replacing Windows Vista. Windows Vista was supposed to be replacing Windows XP, but failed miserably due to many mistakes Microsoft had made. Vista performed badly even on hardware twice as fast as before + many applications that worked fine under XP never ever worked. In addition Microsoft failed to motivate software vendors to provide enough development resources to update software specifically for Vista.

Things changed already with Windows Seven. This new version of Windows installs really fast and it makes better usage of the available hardware. Some versions even support the so-called “XP-Mode” which is a virtual XP machine running on top of Windows 7. Users can install application into this Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows will make it look like the application runs within Windows 7 without the need to manually start this virtual XP machine. This feature will allow almost everyone to upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft’s Desktop Operating system.

My own upgrade experience has been fantastic so far. My existing system hardware is performing great. I had no driver issues and only one software package did not install. And since Windows 7 at the time of this writing is not publicly available I will assume that this issue is solved by the time the operating system hits the shelves which is scheduled to be for October 22, 2009. I am sure there are many other applications and drivers that might require an update, but at this point I have yet to experience more than this one incident.

My conclusion: I really like Windows 7 and I cannot wait for it to be finally released. I want to buy a new laptop computer, but want to get it fully certified for Windows 7 + that it includes its own license for the system. So far nothing has shown to be a show stopper and I am able to do 100% of my work on the system that is already running this latest operating system made by Microsoft.

Chris Puetz has been certified as a Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE) and has worked with many generations of Microsoft’s operating systems. He writes product reviews in many areas – including VMWare Tutorials or just plain, simple reviews about Cordless Leaf Blower.

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