Windows 8.1 App Watch: Badaboom

“Badaboom is a rhythm game that brings the player to a pre-historic world of Dinos and Cavemen, where you must play the drums in the right time to command Obo (our hero) to fight and conquer his food, his weapons and, above all, his right to live in peace. The game has 2D platform style, with simple controls that allows to command Obo through the combination of drum’s sounds. Combining 4 sounds, like “Ba Boom Da Bing” Obo starts to get aggressive and attacks it’s enemies with a spear.” This free game boasts a zany art style, and includes some creative gameplay mechanics. You can utilize natural elements like fire, ice, and wind to rush through levels. However, it is not without its problems. Owing to its emphasis on mobile, the controls are overly optimized for touch. Keyboard and mouse users are secondary citizens in this realm, and chances are that you will only really enjoy this game if you play it on tablets. The production quality, otherwise, is pretty neat, both visuals and audio. Since this is an early version, the game is also a little rough around its edges, with stability issues. Crashes and controls, withstanding, it has potential. The game also supports all versions of Windows 8.1, namely the 32-bit and 64-bit flavors and ARM. Click here to check out Badaboom on the Windows Store.]]>

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