Windows 8.1 App Watch: Christmas Cookie

“Santa’s getting ready for the holiday season, and there’s nothing he likes better than a handful of Christmas cookies. Help the big guy out by swapping tiles to make matches of three or more cookies at a time. Clear some space with a clever match 3 combination, then keep swapping while more cookies fall down. Work fast and match smart to complete the objectives before your moves run out!” One interesting aspect of the game is the inclusion of power-ups, which can be combined to good effect. Combos too, keep things interesting, through the 50 or so levels that are available to play. And the visual presentation, as you’d expect, is bright and colorful. Standard stuff. This puzzle game comes as a universal app, and is free to download on both PCs and smartphones. On Windows 8, it supports all three processor variants, that being x86, x64 and ARM. Click here to check out Christmas Cookie on the Windows Store.]]>

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