Windows 8.1 App Watch: Cinderella Free Fall

Cinderella Free Fall is the latest multiplatform addition to the line of puzzle games from Disney, and follows Frozen and Maleficent titles that have been released in the past couple of years.

The formula remains unchanged, though.

It is a puzzle matching adventure set in the world of the new film that hit theaters last week, and brings along 100 levels of officially licensed fun — complete with social connectivity, push notifications, advertising and plenty of real money in-app purchases. True story.

Jokes aside, here’s the official description:

“From the creators of Disney’s hit games Frozen Free Fall and Maleficent Free Fall comes a NEW puzzle matching adventure in the enchanting world of Cinderella Free Fall!

Inspired by Disney’s new live action film Cinderella, play as the most iconic princess of all time, connecting and matching luminous butterfly jewels in this FREE puzzle adventure with 100 dazzling levels!”

This free game offers the same colorful visual style of previous titles in the series, with a simple story that follows the film. However, refilling lives is a bit of a chore here, and the life meter takes a while to fill up. Think 10, 12 hours.

It is designed as a universal application though, meaning it works on all hardware powered by the modern versions of Windows — phones, tablets and computers, ARM and otherwise.

Click here to check out Cinderella Free Fall on the Windows Store.

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