Windows 8.1 App Watch: CurrentWeather

I know what you’re thinking. Another weather app? These is one variety of applications that there are plenty of, but CurrentWeather is different in more than one regards.

Which is actually a feat in of itself, in this category of applications.

To start off, it displays everything on the screen, meaning you don’t have to scroll or switch pages in order to access information — could come in handy in some situation, particularly kiosk displays. There is freedom to add as many places as you want, and switching between them is easy too.

The official description explains it best:

“The Current Weather outside, uncluttered. Current is a minimalistic weather app that provides current conditions for all cities across the planet. It provides information on wind speed and direction, UV index, visibility, pressure, humidity, what it feels like outside, and highs and lows.”

Now, the design may be completely minimalistic, but it is very well put together.

Plenty of details are on offer, including current weather conditions (obviously), as well as a five days forecast, precipitation, visibility, humidity and pressure. This free app also supports Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements, as well as the ability to switch between US and metric units.

Download is a breezy 502KB, and the app supports all modern versions of Windows, x86, x46 and ARM. No Windows Phone support, though, sadly, as it is not a universal application.

Click here to check out CurrentWeather on the Windows Store.

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