Windows 8.1 App Watch: Domino Gang

“Missing a good Domino app? Do you want to have some fun with your Friends? Tired only classical table top games? C’mon into our bar! Meet the most surprising characters, no one is left aside here! Play the single player game against the most funny and smart guys that you could find!” The game itself is crammed with this enthusiasm — a multitude of modes area available, allowing you to play against up to 3 computer controlled opponents or 3 friends via local networking. You also get 3 difficulty levels against the AI, and several opponent including an alien and a bear. Surprisingly only x86 and x64 versions of Windows are supported. This may well be erroneous, considering the fact that this is a Universal app that can be downloaded and installed on Windows Phone devices too. Available with a free license, and well worth a try. Click here to check out Domino Gang on the Windows Store.]]>

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