Windows 8.1 App Watch: DuckTales Remastered

Now this is a very unique game, targeted at a very distinct audience. DuckTales Remastered launched on a bunch of different platforms in 2013, including the PC, Android, PS3 and the Xbox 360.

And now the developers have released it on the Windows Store.

It is a remake of a classic, an 8-bit NES classic — DuckTales. This means that it is primarily intended for those who grew up on the Disney animated TV show. For the most part, it stays true to that classic formula, while bringing improved audio and visual presentation.

Here’s the official description:

“Join Scrooge McDuck in an epic adventure across the world to discover the five Legendary Treasures! Embark on a journey to the Himalayas, Amazon, Transylvania, African mines, and Moon using Scrooge’s secret map. But watch out for the evil sorceress Magica De Spell and notorious Beagle Boys – they’re on a quest to steal Scrooge’s fortune and will stop at nothing.”

Not much to say about this game, other than that it’s very much a port of a game that has been available on other platforms for more than a year now.

And although the game retails for $9.99 with no free trial, it is still cheaper than the PC version.

Plus considering the fact that it works great with an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, this may be the version you probably want to get. For fans, and those that like some nice platforming action. Works on Windows Phone and all versions of Windows, including x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out DuckTales on the Windows Store.

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