Windows 8.1 App Watch: File Manager Gold

File Manager Gold is free for now, so if you plan on downloading this nicely designed app, then now is the time. It is set to become a paid application in the near future.

So fire up the store, hit the download button and then come back to read up what it’s about.

This is essentially a file manager for the Modern UI, one that is designed like the vintage DOS user interface. Two locations are displayed in the left and right panes, and these can be used for file operations like copying, renaming, moving or deleting files and folders.

A selection from the official description of the app:

“File Manager Gold is the most convenient file manager for users of Windows 8.1. With this application you can to work with files really comfortable! With the new File Manager Gold any actions with your files – it’s quickly, easy and with pleasure!”

While the app lacks the advanced functionality like dragging and dropping or creation of new files, it is still a convenient way to manage files in the Metro environment on Windows 8.1.

Search is available, including the ability to search inside archives, and the app supports queuing and background parallel operations — quiet handy for power users. A lightweight download, and supports all modern versions of Windows, including x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out File Manager Gold on the Windows Store.

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