Windows 8.1 App Watch: Fillable

“Fill the boards with the most letters possible! Chain together as many words as you can, tip to tail, while staying inside various shaped boards. Each turn gives you a choice of a few letters you must use, but the rest are up to you! Can you fill the whole board?” Space, as you can see, is quite limited, and you will soon reach a point where it will not be possible to create additional words. But prior to that, you can be assured of a good time. The game offers more than 400 different boards, and scores you based on the numbers of squares you fill on each. Simple concept, with a flawlessly enjoyable execution, well worth a try for fans of puzzles and word games. Retails for $1.99, though a free trial is available for Windows x86, x64 and ARM. Click here to check out Fillable on the Windows Store.]]>

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