Windows 8.1 App Watch: Freddy

What better day of the week to talk about a game called Freddy than Friday? This is a physics based puzzler that has you drawing lines on the screen in order to redirect colored balls into the appropriate flasks or tubes.

Clear, simple concept, and the only thing now required is to back it up with some solid gameplay.

And the game does not disappoint here, either. The first few missions serve as a bit of a tutorial as the player is walked through the gameplay elements to get a feel of things. And then it gets difficult nonstop with the introduction of multiple colored tubes and flasks.

The official description explains it all:

“Freddy” is a physics-based arcade game with great graphics, and fun and original gameplay. Help Freddy the frog through an adventurous world full of multi-colored poisonous balls that he really wants to eat. You need to keep Freddy away from the balls by dropping them into flasks. Collect special items, visit magical places and gain extra points by hitting flying nuts.”

Who would say not to flying nuts, particularly if hitting them nets extra points!

Anyways, the visuals are a delight, and the increasing difficulty curve keeps the challenge up, and there are enough power ups to keep things interesting. The game supports all versions of Windows 8.1, and retails for $1.49, though a free trial version is available for download.

Click here to check out Freddy on the Windows Store.

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