Windows 8.1 App Watch: Googalytics

Most things in the world can be classified into two broad categories. Same is the case on the Windows Store. There are some developers that are absolutely aware of what needs to be done, and there are some that are just in for the ride.

The finest apps on any platform are the ones that are not just well designed, but well maintained as well with fixes and updates. Googalytics easily falls into this category, as it brings about a feature rich package wrapped up in a sensible design.

Here is the neatly written official description:

“Googalytics is a premium Google Analytics app for Windows 8 / RT, to instantly view your analytics with an easy to use and minimalistic layout. The app fully supports Windows 8 features such as live tiles, snapping and more. All components of the app have been optimized for both touch and the keyboard/mouse combination.”

As noted above, this is an app that brings Google Analytics to your Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, allowing webmasters and website owners the ability to view statistics right in the Metro or Modern UI.

Googalytics is currently the number one app in the Business category on the Windows Store, and for good reason too. The design is clean and intuitive, and unapologetically Metro — meaning it works effortlessly with both touch and traditional keyboard and mouse navigation.

If you are a website owner, then this app should be your next download. It retails for $1.49, but a free seven day trial version is available for free to allow you to test out its functionality.

Click here to check out Googalytics on the Windows Store.

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