Windows 8.1 App Watch: Happy Connect

Another Windows app with the word ‘Happy’ in its title. Happy Connect may not come with instructions or anything, but this is still a challenging puzzle game that serves up the difficulty levels gradually.

The first few beginning stages are simple and easy.

But things pick up and become rather complicated as sometimes you can move some smileys around, while other times they are limited to certain positions on the map. The goal of the game is simple — you need to change the positions of the smileys on the screen so that their connections don’t cross.

Here’s the official description:

“This is a puzzle game where everything revolves around cute smileys and how to make them happy again. The smiley’s are connected with each other and sometimes these links are crossed, which makes the poor little things sad. You have to drag the smileys around, to uncross the lines and make everyone happy! Good luck!”

If you are looking for some depth to the challenge, though, there is not much on offer here. Although a simple concept, the game falters in a few areas that set other popular casual games apart.

Still, the visuals are nice and the overall presentation is okay. Maybe worth a quick download for fans of puzzle games. Free, and works on all modern versions of Windows, including those powered by x86, x64 and ARM based processors.

Click here to check out Happy Connect on the Windows Store.

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