Windows 8.1 App Watch: Illyriad

“Build your village to become the capital of an empire. Trade hundreds of resources and items in an entirely player driven market, across a vast, varied world. Battle in tournaments and wars. Gather exotic resources, craft rare items, master mighty magics, command thieves and assassins, settle new lands…. Illyriad is a strategy game of extraordinary depth and variety. With a great community, multiple paths for city specialisation, and frequent updates and new releases, this is a vast fantasy world where you can be the kind of ruler that you wish to be.” This free app is pretty much a wrapper for the online game, allowing you to connect to servers. Although this lightweight solution suffered from connectivity issues early one, regular updates from the developers have fixed most of them. But it does provide for a nice window to a popular browser based MMO city builder game, and works fine on x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows. Mouse required, of course. Click here to check out Illyriad on the Windows Store.]]>

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