Windows 8.1 App Watch: Jamie’s Recipes

“My app is all about giving you the tools and inspiration to create really great-tasting food easily at home. With retina imagery for each and every recipe step, as well as HD video guides for some of the tougher techniques, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll find a whole library of recipes to choose from, from classic comfort food and beautiful baking recipes to festive treats, super-quick suppers and a whole lot more – there really is something for everyone.” Retina imagery? Come on! More than 200 recipes are available, and the selection is encompasses all sorts of tastes and dishes. They are grouped as packs, though, and while an initial pack of 10 is available for free, the remaining can be unlocked for a small fee, $2.49 or thereabouts. But hey, if you are into it, then you are into it. Overall, though, this is a quality addition to the Windows Store, and the best thing about this app is its design — the content is lush, and navigation breezy. Like all good apps, it supports all versions of Windows 8.1, including ARM based ones, making it a perfect download for Surface tablets. Click here to check out Jamie’s Recipes on the Windows Store.]]>

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