Windows 8.1 App Watch: Live Interior 3D Pro

“Fully functional home and interior design app for Windows 8 that caters to both professionals and hobbyists. Build and design anything, from a forty floor skyscraper, to your apartment, or even an office space.” This is a premium app, through and through, make no muddle about it. You get more than 1,200 high quality 3D objects that you can place in your scenes, apply materials, move them, rotate, make adjustment to the lights, walk around, and more. Even the download size in the range of 407.3MB is tremendous, as is at least 2GB of storage space for installation. Live Interior 3D Pro retails for $19.99. A trial is available, as is a free lite version. Extra features can be availed using in-app purchases — things like import and export of various 3D file formats, along with high resolution creations up to 6000 pixels in size. For x86, x64 and ARM. Click here to check out Live Interior 3D Pro on the Windows Store.]]>

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