Windows 8.1 App Watch: Lost Shadow

After covering an app yesterday, Tubecast Pro, we now return to the games business. Lost Shadow is another puzzle game that recently launched on the Windows Store.

Quite like the various puzzle games from China that have debut there recently.

Apparently some god took away the shadows of all people in the game — and it is up to you to get your shadow back. You have to move objects around the screen to clear a path to the level exit, and that is because you only move in the shadows.

The official description explains:

“The shadow of the world all have been taken away, people lost the shadow will die in the sun, they can only walk in the shadows. Ray, a brave young man, suffered throughout the disaster, determined to find his shadow, setting foot on an adventure through the various scenes….”

Somber, much.

But the game is vividly colorful though, and although it is best played on Windows tablets and touchscreen devices, you can enjoy it on PCs. The controls are there.

It is rather difficult, however, and puts up a good challenge. You will have to dig deep to completely understand the game mechanics. Once you do, it becomes very entertaining. Support for Windows RT is missing, sadly, and this free game only works on x86 and x64 versions of the operating system.

Click here to check out Lost Shadow on the Windows Store.

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