Windows 8.1 App Watch: Mirrors Of Albion

blog, and long story short, it deserves all the accolades it gets. This free game is captivating, and offers all the polish and presentation one expects from the people behind it. Before we get down to business, here’s the official description:

“Mirrors of Albion will take you to mystical Victorian-era London fraught with intrigue, crime, and suspense. Solve challenging puzzles and experience the game’s unique story by tackling countless quests in your eventual mission to foil the evil machinations of the Queen of Hearts. Download Mirrors of Albion and begin your adventure now!”
The game is inspired by Lewis Carroll, by the way, of Alice in Wonderland fame. And it does justice to this association — the artwork is phenomenal, the story is engaging, and the characters, zany. Plus it’s very easy to play too, as most hidden object games are. You’re bound to have a good time with this one. Best thing is that as opposed to other titles, this one does not try to fleece you to spend cash. Not a Universal app, but plays nicely on x86, x64 and ARM versions of Windows. Recommended. Click here to check out Mirrors of Albion on the Windows Store.]]>

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