Windows 8.1 App Watch: Miwee

“Defy the laws of physics through rich, varied and colorful environments. Use the fauna and flora to your advantage in order to help Miwee gather his children throughout the game. Evolve from one environment to another, which brings a whole new set of features each time: new atmosphere, new elements and more challenges!” From the moment you fire up Miwee, you know you are in for a treat. From the moving music of the main screen to the heartrending cut scene that narrates the simple story of these insects. And while the early few stages do a good job of getting you to grips with the physics, the action gets pretty frantic in the later ones. The visuals complement the music nicely, too. Simple artwork, but it looks neat. Although free to download and play, you will need to unlock the full game from within as an in-app purchase. But there are quite a few stages to try first. The game, obviously, supports all versions of Windows, including those built for devices like tablets and hybrids that utilize ARM based processors. Click here to check out Miwee on the Windows Store.]]>

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