Windows 8.1 App Watch: OpenLearn

“OpenLearn is the home of free learning from The Open University, covering everything from getting started with Gaelic to searching for life on other planets. You’ll find hundreds of hours of extracts from genuine OU courses to try; learning tools from across campus and insight into OU co-productions with BBC TV and radio. This is a beta attempt to bring over a decade’s worth of content into a single app, and we’d really appreciate your feedback in the reviews section to help us fine-tune the experience.” Exclusive to Windows 8.1, the app offers a variety of lessons — some ranging from short 10 minute videos to heavy and detailed courses that takes weeks to complete. Plenty of computing, technology and mathematics stuff here! Better yet, educational material is available in a variety of formats, from text and PDF documents to images, videos and audio. This free app makes use of a Metro inspired design, in white this time, with several Windows exclusive features like charms and sharing. ARM support also in. Click here to check out OpenLearn on the Windows Store.]]>

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