Windows 8.1 App Watch: Penguins Of Madagascar: Dibble Dash

While the Penguins of Madagascar are certified show stealers, their first feature film was a bit of a middling affair when released late last year. Fun, but ultimately middling.

This game too, is all right as far as running games go.

Dibble Dash is an endless runner in the vein of endless runners, though it mixes up the formula a little by giving you control of all four of the penguins at the same time — instead of a single runner. This makes for a nice change of gameplay, which makes it a fun affair for fans or little kids.

More, after a look at this selection from the official description:

“Using quick, Penguin-like reflexes, swipe to control all four Penguins at once as they navigate through intricate courses and alleyways! You’ll have to move like Rico, think like Kowalski and learn like Private all while keeping it cool like me, Skipper, to keep us Penguins safe from mutant-creating goo. Remember, physical strength will only get you so far. As Kowalski might say – brains are an important part of this operation.”

Controls are quite similar to other games. Pressing down makes the penguins slide, and swiping up makes them jump. You can stack your characters on top of each other to pass narrow spaces, and each penguin has a special power that can be used in certain situations.

This is a free game, with in-app purchases for additional items.

Interestingly, it is not very optimized in its current state, with frequent frame rate drops. Nothing that an update can’t fix, though, and the game actually supports all modern versions of Windows, x86, x64 and the good old ARM.

Click here to check out Penguins of Madagascar: Dibble Dash on the Windows Store.

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