Windows 8.1 App Watch: Plight Of The Zombie

“We are tired of all of these zombie games designed for those apathetic people who just want to kill poor, innocent zombies all the time. They’re just hungry!” First thing that strikes you is that the game is gorgeously designed. Next thing? It is a whole lot fun. You have to guide your zombie using either your mouse (or touch), collecting as many brains as possible while infecting all humans at the same time to complete ach stage. And it calls for a very addictive experience, with you having to plan it all. Throw in some power ups that come in handy as you go through the levels, 50 of which are available, and you have one of the better puzzle games currently available for the modern Windows platform. Universal, supports every Windows device there is, including Windows Phone. Click here to check out Plight of the Zombie on the Windows Store.]]>

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