Windows 8.1 App Watch: Risk

“It’s war! Plan your strategies, form your alliances, lead your armies and conquer the world. RISK is the ultimate test of strategy and skill with players battling it out for world domination. Place your troops. Plot your strategy. Then let the quest for global domination begin. The challenge: defeat your foes, advance your troops and expand your territory. Where to attack. When to stop. Whether to form a temporary alliance…the decisions are all yours. This world belongs to the bold and the daring. Can you take it on, and win?” Although Risk, as a game, has made appearances on various platforms in various forms, this one seems to have been custom designed for touch enabled computers. It only supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows, for instance. And it is only available as a $4.99 download, though a free trial version is available if you want to try it out. The visual presentation is nothing fancy, but since this is positioned as a virtual version of the board game, things are okay. Plenty of modes, though, with rule variations that you can configure. Click here to check out Risk on the Windows Store.]]>

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