Windows 8.1 App Watch: Scrabble

Risk tabletop game that was made available for Windows 8 users, in partnership with Marmalade Technologies. And just like that hit title, the developers have done a neat job here, in balancing the gameplay with feature set. A selection from the richly detailed official description:

“The SCRABBLE game is a family classic. Put letters together, build words, add up your points and win! This classic game features the classic Scrabble equipment for a big-time word-on-word showdown. Do you see a word your opponent hasn’t seen? A double or triple letter or word space that will let you earn big points. Use your letters to score points and challenge your family and friends. It’s your word against theirs!”
If you’re new to this whole concept, the tutorial or kids mode eases you into things. This is, by and large, a faithful adaption of the timeless word game. You get to play it with up to three human or computer opponents in hot seat mode. You can arrange and place letters on the board using a variety of controls from touch to mouse and keyboard. Again, this is only available for x86 and x64 versions of Windows, meaning Windows RT users miss out. The game can be yours for $4.99, with a free trial variant also available. Click here to check out Scrabble on the Windows Store.]]>

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