Windows 8.1 App Watch: Searchler

Been a while since we’ve featured a music app, and one rather neat one is Searchler, a music video playlist generator. It allows users the ability to create their own video playlists within the app simply by entering the name of an artist.

Once the name is slotted in, you will receive a list of albums and playlists that you can listen to straight from within the application. You can listen to the top songs of an artists, or even find similar artists.

Here is the simple and unassuming official description:

“Searchler is a music video playlist generator. Think Pandora, with music videos. This app finds playlists of top songs, and similar artists for just about any artist you can think of. Enjoy endless hours of playlists! Check it out, it’s free!”

Artists are sorted by tags and descriptions, and searching is intuitive enough.

The interface is surely not the app’s greatest strength, and likewise, it does not play HD videos, but there is enough functionality on display here that it is at least worth a download. And it goes without saying, this app only works when connected to the Internet, and like most free apps it displays a banner ad.

Anyway, at just a couple of megabytes, the free app is a quick and breezy download, and it plays nicely with all types of processors that modern versions of Windows support, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Searchler on the Windows Store.

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