Windows 8.1 App Watch: Slot Battlefield

Games that merge two or more concepts usually end up either being really good of downright abysmal. It is a tough path to tread, and one has to be a gift to clarity to create something truly memorable.

Luckily this is what the developers behind Slot Battlefield have done.

Essentially a casino game with a few different modes (classic slot machine and the heads up multiplayer), this unique approach with some added touch takes player right in the heart of combat with other players battling for glory. Strategy and luck come together here to great effect.

More on this below, but here is a selection from the official description:

“The unique combination of strategy and luck is what makes this game a real challenge for the best slot players in the world. Calypsians, the great warriors, are eager to enter the battle and win, so choose your favourite warrior and upgrade it with powers. Use the gained powers wisely, cause you’ll need more than luck to climb to the top of the Leaderboards.”

After firing up the game and logging in, you can choose your battles from the home screen. The classic slot machine is a great way to practice your skills in the single player mode, and when you are ready, you can take the war to other players in multiplayer battles.

The entertaining atmosphere is made all that more exciting thanks to some delightful graphics and zany characters. Players get even more free chips by spinning the wheel every hour, and that is not even mentioning the daily bonuses.

Internet connectivity is, obviously, required, but you can enjoy this game on all platforms that run Windows 8.1, including devices powered by ARM based processors.

Click here to check out Slot Battlefield on the Windows Store.

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