Windows 8.1 App Watch: Spaceship V

I guess, when you’re giving your game the name Spaceship V, then it’s vital to ensure it packs the right balance of visual presentation, gameplay and feature set.

And although this free game still has a lot of casual qualities to it, this is a neat effort.

This is basically an action game, where you, as a player, are tasked with building and controlling your very own spaceship. You can add body parts and weapon systems as you play to complete missions in the game world, while fighting off threats.

Here’s the official description:

“Spaceship V is very unique and thrilling 2D arcade game by controlling YOUR OWN UNIQUE SPACESHIP. Build your own spaceship with lots of weapons and parts.”

You can move your spaceship either with your mouse, keyboard or via touch.

And of course, the real fun of this game is in upgrading it by collecting money. Money, which can be accumulated by completing the various missions that the game throws at you, as well as defeating asteroids, without being hit by them.

It arrives as universal binaries, meaning it can be played on Windows Phone handsets, as well as all computers and tablets powered by Microsoft’s modern operating system. That is to say, x86, x64 and ARM support for Windows 8 is on offer.

Click here to check out Spaceship V on the Windows Store.

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