Windows 8.1 App Watch:

The Windows Store landed another important app before the end of the year. has just launched its official client for Windows 8.1 and it offers a pretty decent feature set for users of the service.

The keyword here is service — this is for blogs hosted on, not to be confused with self-hosted WordPress sites. Users can create and publish posts on their blogs right from within Windows 8 without leaving the Modern UI.

And while blog owners can publish new blog posts, the app can also be used to read other blogs or to browse other points of interest.

The official description explains it best:

“Browse the best original content on, including articles and photography on travel, art, entertainment, food, and much more. Sign in with your account to read blogs you follow and easily share cool content you find on the web by reblogging it on your site.”

Users can sign in using their existing account or create a new blog to get a new account if they want to. This free app also brings integrated sharing options that can be used to share stuff like photos, quotes and links directly on a blog.

The developers seem to be fixing user reported bugs at the moment and the app is continually being updated. But in its current state it still offers a good set of features and functionality. ARM based processors are also supported along with x86 and x64 ones.

Click here to check out on the Windows Store.

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