Windows 8.1 App Watch: YouTube Downloader Plus RT

For better or for worse, unofficial YouTube applications were one of the first to hit the Windows Store. Many of these allowed Windows 8 and Windows RT users to download and save clips from the popular video sharing website.

And one of the more exciting names in this particular lists of Metro applications is YouTube Downloader Plus RT, which has just received a new update that brings along several new handy features.

Below is the casually informal official description that details the app:

“YouTube Downloader Plus RT is an app that makes it both easy and fun to dig through the inexhaustible source of videos that is YouTube and download the ones you like so you can play them back at will without needing an Internet connection.

This modest resource-consuming app not only saves videos from YouTube on your hard drive at an impressive speed (provided that you have a good internet connection) but also has the ability to extract just the audio from them, which means you can expand your music collection limitlessly.”

The free app can now not only download the app from YouTube, but also from Vevo, another popular source. Even more impressive is the fact that downloaded clips can also be instantly uploaded to SkyDrive, meaning users can access them on the go from any computer or device.

And while Windows 8.1 support is not explicitly mentioned, the app works fine on Microsoft’s latest operating systems, including Windows RT 8.1.

Click here to check out YouTube Downloader Plus RT on the Windows Store.

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