Windows 8.1 brings enhancements to web browsing with Internet Explorer 11

On a Windows 8.1 Preview PC or tablet, you get Internet Explorer 11, which delivers a best-in-class browsing experience across the full range of Windows devices and screen sizes.

Internet Explorer 11 builds on the breakthrough advancements in Internet Explorer 10 and is the only browser so far that is perfect for touch.

With Internet Explorer 11, web page load faster, the frequent sites list is simple and fresh, and your Favorites have all of the features you need to find things fast.

Browse tabs side-by-side and pin your favorite sites to Start– you can do it all and enjoy the most responsive performance on touch devices.

You can continue browsing across your devices because your browsing history, favorite sites, tabs, and settings are synced across all of your Windows 8.1 PCs using your Microsoft account.

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