Windows 8.1 Build 9415 Finally Comes With A Start Button

There is new build of Windows 8.1 reportedly out in the wild for testing purposes. And from the screenshots that have just surfaced, it seems to be a Chinese version of the upcoming operating system.

And more interestingly, these new images finally do confirm that a Start button is to be implemented in the OS, just as Redmond confirmed last week.

While these screenshots do not actually reveal anything major in particular, they show that the software titan is planning to implement a number of new customization options for the Start Screen. Usual suspects like Internet Explorer 11 and a few other Metro apps also make an appearance.

The Start button, however, looks like it is not visible all the time in the operating system. Instead it requires a mouse over in the bottom left corner for it to appear.

Then again, this is something that could be attributed to this being an early beta build.

Bear in mind that these images are in no way official, and there is no way to tell if they are real or not. Nevertheless, at the very least we have a hint that the upcoming preview version of Windows 8.1 will probably come with a Start button.

More info should come our way at the BUILD developer conference, when Microsoft will unleash the aforementioned public preview version of the OS.

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