Windows 8.1 Comes With More Than 600 Keyboard Shortcuts

research has found that there are 21 new keyboard shortcuts exclusive to Windows 8.1 to go with 45 standard ones and another 54 that can be accessed with the Winkey (the Windows logo key). Interestingly, the Metro environment is filled with these keyboard shortcuts. The refreshed Mail app, for instance, comes with at least 61 such combinations, the Calculator app, 76. Even Paint has 31 such hotkeys implemented, WordPad has 44, and the perennial favorite Internet Explorer can be breezed through with 77 such keyboard shortcuts. Sure, this may be a small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it shows that the company has not forsaken the keyboard users in any way, even if touch has become the new industry buzzword. All that is required is further optimization of the Modern UI, which hopefully is not far off. What about you folks? Are you someone that heavily relies on keyboard shortcuts when using a PC? Or is mouse more your thing? No better time than now to declare!]]>

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