Windows 8.1 Final To Show Featured Apps Right On The Start Screen

October will be here tomorrow, meaning only nineteen or so days remain between the official launch of Windows 8.1. Microsoft plans to push the new OS to users on October 18.

But alongside the new operating system, the company has also lined up some new features.

That Redmond is developing and fine tuning some new options for Windows 8.1 is no secret. Microsoft made it clear early on that it will continue refining and adding new features to the operating system even after it goes RTM, which it did not so long ago.

And now one of these new goodies in place for the final version of the operating system has just been spotted. McAkins Online has come across a screenshot that has been posted on the official Windows website, and it shows an update live tile for the Windows Store.

The tile actually displays some of the featured apps that are available for download for the platform.

Obviously, the vanilla version of Windows 8 does come with a dedicated live tile for the Windows Store right from the beginning, but it only highlights the number of updates available.

Now it seems that Microsoft wants to change this feature, and use it to highlight some of the best apps on its flagship apps repository.

This, surely, is one thing that works best on the large sized live tiles, as can be seen from the image above. Whether it makes the final cut in the operating system, we should find out real soon.

In the meantime, share your thoughts on what could be a really nifty feature in the comments.

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