Windows 8.1 Is Proof Of How Responsive We Can Be For Customers, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8.1 Preview, with the upgrade gradually being rolled out for users around the world. ISO files of the new operating system are also available for download.

And as promised by the software titan, the newest version of Windows comes with several options and features designed to make the OS easier to use and more familiar to users.

The enhanced Start screen is one of the improved features in Windows 8.1. The new operating system also comes with a Start button, along with options to skip the Start screen and boot directly to the desktop for those that want to choose this route.

And Windows boss, Julie Larson-Green was quick to highlight this during the BUILD keynote, explaining that Windows 8.1 has been specifically designed to address customer feedback:

“Windows 8.1 will support the widest range of tablets and PCs and demonstrates how responsive we can be for customers. The preview we are releasing today is an important step for partners around the world that are building the next generation of Windows devices and apps.”

Hard to deny that the new operating system will support the widest range of devices — with more and more smaller tablets starting to appear that are powered by Microsoft’s latest platform.

As for how Windows 8.1 is able to address the need of users will, ultimately, be up to them. But it has been clear for quite some time now that Microsoft is overly keen to listed to (and accommodate) customer feedback when it comes to its products.

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