Windows 8.1 Made To Look Exactly Like Windows XP

What took them so long! Windows XP still powers some 18% of computers the world over, but the vintage platform is steadily losing users and people upgrade to newer solutions.

Once such solution is Microsoft’s latest — Windows 8.1.

Although this version of Windows fixed a lot of issues with Windows 8 vanilla, not everyone upgraded to the newest flavor. Some due to hardware limitations, but many due to the fact that it brought along a different user interface with a flat look and live tiles, the whole Modern UI philosophy.

But what if you can make Windows 8.1 look exactly like Windows XP?

Sure it requires extreme modification, but people have tried their hands at this.

DeviantArt user AJXP66 pretty much succeeded in replicating the look, though it required installing a number of third-party applications and skins, from WindowBlinds to StartIsBack. But the results looks rather divine, as you can see below:

Windows 8.1 Windows XP Look

Beginners will, obviously, have a hard time doing this.

But this is proof that it can be done.

Of course, this is just a cosmetic change and does nothing much other than providing that familiar, nostalgic feeling that fans of Windows XP might enjoy using.

Probably won’t make them upgrade to Windows 8.1, if they’ve already made their mind.

Still, looks pretty neat.

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