Windows 8.1 Preview Mistakenly Detects Wired Connections As Metered

Windows 8.1 Preview comes with a lot of new options, and like most things in life, new things do have a tendency to go wrong. Take this new connectivity feature that is part of the upcoming operating system, for instance.

Microsoft has added in a new option that automatically detects metered connections, allowing users to decide whether they want to download app updates automatically or not. For mobile users this is a boon, as it allows them to manager their data plans.

But this new option does not seem to be working on some Windows 8.1 Preview machines, according to some posts on Microsoft’s support forums.

The OS is mistakenly detecting wired connections as metered, and to make matters even more crunching, all other settings are disabled in the Control Panel. This means affected users cannot download and install updates for their Metro apps.

As one user wrote on the support forums:

“I am on a wired connection and cannot right click on the connection to disable it from being a metered connection. Right clicking on the connection does absolutely nothing. Even in PC Settings under Network there aren’t any options to disable the metered connection.”

As of right now there is no workaround for this issue — leaving no option for users that suffer from this bug to wait until an official fix comes out.

Speaking of which, Microsoft has been rather aggressive in releasing updates, patches and fixes for Windows 8.1 Preview. The company is surely tackling multiple reported bugs at once, so expect this to be fixed in the next few weeks well before the operating system hits RTM status.

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