Windows 8.1 Preview To RTM Upgrade Will Remove All Installed Apps

Microsoft will soon be launching the Preview version of Windows 8.1, which will be made available for download for Windows 8 users via the integrated Windows Store.

With the launch date of the preview version fast approaching (June 26 at the BUILD conference), the software titan has offered some more details for users to make preparations if they want to try out the Preview build of Windows 8.1.

A report over at ZDNet details that Microsoft representatives at the recent TechEd conference in New Orleans confirmed that users that install the preview version and then upgrade to the RTM release will have all installed app automatically deleted. Yikes!

Their data and accounts will, however, be preserved.

But all Metro and desktop applications will be entirely removed when they upgrade to the final version of the upcoming operating system.

In other words, the upcoming Windows 8.1 upgrade will be quite similar to what we have seen with Windows 7, at least when it comes to preserving data, user settings and applications.

Obviously, those of you that simply wait for the final version of Windows 8.1 (and bypass the preview build) will not have to go through this hassle of having to reinstall all your apps.

So what will it be for you guys? Do you plan on installing and testing out the preview build of Windows 8.1 as soon as it is released, maybe on another computer or device? Or is waiting for the final version of the operating system more your thing? Comment away.

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