Windows 8.1 Rumored To Allow Users To Boot Straight To Desktop

In other words, those of you who want to skip everything Metro on Microsoft’s latest operating system could very well get the opportunity straight from Redmond.

Windows 8.1 is already set to bring a bucket load of changes to Windows 8 — some large others small. But it seems that Microsoft has finally paid attention to user feedback, and is working on bringing one of the most requested features (if not the most requested) to Windows Blue.

Yup, the ability to boot directly to the desktop and skip the Metro user interface altogether.

This was first reported by Microsoft Portal, where they found that the twinui.dll file included in the leaked version of Windows 8.1 build 9364 includes some references to a new feature that allows users to skip the Start Screen completely and go to the desktop every time they boot their computers.

Still no word on an official Start Menu, but hey, you know what they say about wishes.

Of course, those of you using the vanilla flavor of Windows 8 already know that whenever you boot into the operating system, it automatically loads up the shiny new Start Screen — essentially requiring users to click a dedicated title if they want to go to the tried and trusted desktop.

Up until now, the only way to bypass this was to install a 3rd party software solution (there are a few that offer this functionality) or use a little Task Scheduler workaround.

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