Windows 8.1 Said To Improve The Metro Camera App

It would hardly be a surprise come release day to find out that Microsoft has touched up and improved all aspects and every single feature of Windows 8.1, the upcoming version of its operating system.

At least this seems to be case when you take into account show things are shaping up.

Take the Camera app, for instance — chances are that it will get a major redesign, including a small sprinkling of a few brand new options to make it easier to use on tablets.

The basis of this claim is the new set of screenshots that surfaced just a few hours ago. One quick glance and it is clear that Microsoft wants to make the application easier to use on Windows RT and Windows 8.1 tablets that are set to fill store shelves later in the year.

The new layout offers the ability to quickly toggle between video and camera modes, while at the same time providing users with options to change the timer to automatically take pictures.

Obviously, a “Send feedback” button is also clearly visible at the bottom right of the screen, lending credence to the fact that Microsoft is not done with these improvements and we should expect more enhancements to these Metro apps in the months to come.

For the time being, however, we can rest assured that no corner in Windows 8.1 will be left untouched when it comes to improvements — however large or small they are.

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