Windows 8.1 Said To Include A “Read It Later” Feature

Windows 8.1 is all set to bring a bucket load of improvements, from adding a Start button to customization option and updates to almost all of the built-in Metro apps.

But according to some unconfirmed reports, the upcoming refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system will also feature what is being a dubbed a “Reading List”.

This new feature is pretty self-explanatory — at its core it is an application that allows users to save links as well as specific pieces of text that they can access at a later time. And expectedly, this feature also offers the ability to synchronize this list with multiple Windows 8 devices.

The Windows 8 devices, obviously, have to be configured with the same Microsoft account.

As Engadget writes, this new options plays the role of a share tool, but pretty much only works for a single user. And for the connected (and busy) world of today, this sounds like a pretty decent addition.

Saving the links will be possibly through the Share Charm, and the app will allow users to browse the saved content just as they would do so on the Start Screen.

Reading List is also said to make use of the Snap View, which will allow it to be opened side by side with other applications like browsers and email clients.

More details are to be expected at the upcoming BUILD developer conference set to take place late next month in San Francisco. Until then, share your thoughts on this rumored new feature in the usual place. Is thing something you see yourself regularly using?

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