Windows 8.1 Success Said To Be Critical For Microsoft’s Morale

There is little doubt that the upcoming Windows 8.1 is posed to play a major role in Microsoft’s long term strategy. The technology giant would surely be hoping for this new OS being a bona fide success.

Windows 8 continues to gain new users and increase its market share, but for some the vanilla flavor of Microsoft’s latest platform has failed to excite the faltering PC market. Windows 8.1, on the other hand, is supposed to refresh the platform while at the same time making it a fair bit more familiar.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that the launch of Windows 8.1 is a critical moment for the software titan, as the company is facing increased competition from other large companies when it comes to operating systems.

A new report suggests that with the looming threat posed by other desktop operating systems, a successful showing by Windows 8.1 is going to be important for maintaining Microsoft’s morale in the IT industry.

Interesting choice of words — but then again, operating systems still represent a major part of Microsoft’s overall business. Products like Windows, Windows Phone and Windows Server influence the company’s other solutions and offerings.

Over the years, Redmond has diversified its product portfolio, with several success stories. Services like Windows Azure and Office 365 now represent important highlights, but the company will nevertheless be hoping for a strong showing from the first major upgrade to the latest version of Windows.

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