Windows 8.1 To Bring Improved Touchpad Customization

Another Windows 8.1 improvement seems to be heading over way. The new update is already high on enhancements and new features, and each passing day seems to bring new ones to light.

This short tweet by AngelWZR accompanied by an image gives us our first look at the enhanced panel in Windows 8.1 that provides users with more customization options for touchpads on the computers:

“Touchpad options page in PC Settings let you disable/enable touchpad and edge gestures.”

In short it allows Windows 8.1 users to enable or disable the touchpad, turn edge gestures on or off along with the ability to swap control direction. These new options have made their way in the build 9369 of Windows 8.1, by the way.

No confirmation yet on whether Microsoft will include them in the final release version of the operating system, but all signs point to these new features making the cut in the upcoming update.

And truth be told, Windows 8.1 itself is pretty high on small (but useful) features like these that make the overall computing experience more refined and polished.

Chances are that some of these features may already have been planned for the vanilla Windows 8, but time constraints led Microsoft to drop them from the new platform. Obviously, a lot of them are also consumer demand and customer reaction that Redmond gathered from Windows 8 users.

But overall, things are shaping up quite nicely for Windows 8.1.

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