Windows 8.1 Update 2 Reportedly Called August Update

report from a fairly reliable sources confirms both possibilities — this new version is to be delivered via the Windows Update option in less than two weeks from now, and it is, indeed, going by the name of August Update. Meaning, no more talks of Windows 8.1 Update 2, or even the farfetched Windows 8.2, which has actually started to sound much better now, compared to the official title. August Update does not make any sense at all, really, when you think about it. This nomenclature might work if the software titan was planning regular monthly updates for the operating system, and we have no reports of this happening whatsoever. But even if it is, August Update, really? Why not August 2014 Update. Oh brother. Anyway, there is some solace in the fact that this might be the last refresh of the operating system, before Windows Threshold arrives next year. One can hope that Microsoft will officially announce and introduce this upcoming refresh next week, along with what, if any, features it brings. And while the previous update was mandatory, this August Update is not — users will still be able to get the other patches and updates without installing it. Luckily. However, they will have to have Windows 8.1 Update installed before installing the August Update. Having anything to say about the name of this update? Because we really have little other thing to talk about regarding it right now? If you do, then speak in the comments below, or forever hold your peace.]]>

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