Windows 8.1 USB Upgrade Kits Are Now Available To PC Retailers

With Windows 8.1 now alive and kicking, Microsoft has shifted attention to more pressing matters. And there is nothing more important for the company than to increase sales of the new operating system.

But while Redmond worked closely with several large hardware partners throughout development of Windows 8.1, it seems that some smaller ones are not exactly prepared for the launch of this new version of Windows.

In fact, according to careful estimates, only 20 percent of the PCs that will be sold this holiday season will come with a preinstalled copy of Windows 8.1.

And this is something Microsoft wants to change — big time.

Paul Thurrott is writing that Redmond has created what it is calling the ‘Windows 8.1 Upgrade Kit’, which the company has started delivering to PC retailers via USB flash drives. This way, they can upgrade to the new version, and ensure that Windows 8.1 is sold on every new PC.

Retailers across the United States like Best Buy, Dixons and more have reportedly received these upgrade kits. And more are in line to get these USBs in the weeks to come.

What this essentially means is that we can expect the market share of Windows 8.1 to significantly rise in the weeks to come. It will be worth keeping tabs on the statistics over and after the holidays, surely.

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