Windows 8.2 Release Could Lead To Windows 9 Being Delayed

Multiple sources have claimed that Microsoft is currently working on two different Windows projects, both of which are said to improve upon the philosophy laid down with Windows 8.

One being the upcoming Windows 8.1 update, which is said to feature a number of improvements and enhancements to Microsoft’s current operating system, Windows 8, released back in October 2012.

Another is the next generation of Windows — conveniently titled Windows 9.

As far as release dates go, Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows 8.1 as early as this summer. Windows 9, on the other hand is rumored to see daylight sometime in November 2014.

But it appears that the Redmond-based technology titan has already worked out a much more complex long-term strategy for its Windows platform — the company may even delay Windows 9 to a later date in case it feels like the current base operating system (Windows 8) needs more polish.

New rumors seem to suggest that Microsoft has left the door open. The company is apparently also pondering a release of a second Windows 8 upgrade, possibly dubbed Windows 8.2, with the intention of bringing a number of improvements to Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.2, the report says, could be unveiled in late 2014.

Obviously, if this was to transpire, releasing Windows 9 in the same year will not make any sense at all. Two Windows Phone versions can work, two desktop operating systems within the same calendar year is a much more far-fetched preposition.

Classify this as just an early rumor for now, but don’t be surprised if Microsoft releases more than one update to its Windows 8 platform before the next full Windows version is unveiled.

At least the naming convention (8.1 and 8.2) is right on the money.

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